~Acceptable use policy~

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1.Please accept any responsibilities whatever happens

I don't accept any responsibilities whatever happens.

2.Don't get any graphics, musics and so on from this site's contents

Because I don't have copyrights of some graphics, musics and so on included in this site's contents, don't get any graphics, musics and so on from these contents. However, you can download and use these graphics, musics and so on from the sites publishing these in the way that the sites allow.

3.Don't reprint (a part of) this site

Don't reprint (a part of) this site. However, you can copy URL of any page in this site, for example to link to it.

4.About link

Ofcourse, you can link to any html files in this site freely. However, I prohibit hotlinking to image, audio files, java script and so on. Specifically, you can link to a file with the string "html" at the end of its URL. I feel so happy if you introduce my site!
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