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These are the development diaries of my games.

The adventure of a man with six powers(Roguelike game)

Basic element creation(Development diary1 2013/08/11)
System creation(Development diary2 2013/08/17)
Abnormal states creation(Development diary3 2013/12/01)
Refactoring is tough work(Development diary4 2018/08/14)
Transfer to Java Script by GWT because Java Applet will be abolished(Development diary5 2018/08/26)
Transfer to Javafx because Java Applet will be abolished(Development diary6 2018/09/09)
Menu and item(food) creation(Development diary7 2019/01/02)
Herb creation and system improvement(Development diary8 2019/03/08)
New dungeon is implemented(Development diary9 2019/04/26)
Weapons, shields, sound effects, new monsters and a new dungeon are implemented(Development diary10 2019/06/29)
Wands, magic books and a new dungeon are created(Development diary11 2019/11/01)

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