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I got some knowledge about programming, game creation and so on when I was creating game.

I made the pages to share the useful knowledge with you. They are listed in this page.

About programming

How to do object-oriented programming

This page shows how to make an object-oriented program. If you know some basic things about object-oriented programming, you can understand this contents well.

How to create a game by GWT

This page shows the information to create a game with GWT. I'll explain GWT(google web toolkit) with my sample and its programs.

How is a game created?

I want to show how a game is created by showing how a wood arrow trap was created in this page.I'm happy if those who have never created a game because they don't know creating a game well although they are interested in creating a game.

About motivation

Can't you keep your motivation? You should enhance it when you need it.

Can you keep your motivation? If you have a trouble about it, please see this page. I'll introduce not how you should keep it but how you enhance it in this page.

I'm creating a game for a long time. I considered how I can keep enough motivation. As a result, I found that we can't keep our motivation but enhance it when we need it. I also found how we can enhance it. I'll introduce them in this page.

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